OSHA Compliance Supervisor

June 21, 2016

We are currently looking for a passionate and motivated Safety Supervisor to join our Safety team to ensure that our requirements and goals are met. Reporting to the OSHA Compliance Director, this role will have you involved in the implementation of safety systems across the network to promote workplace safety policies and procedures. Developing and delivering training programs will be an important part of this role as well as auditing, mentoring and influencing at all levels of the business.


Your responsibilities will include:

Implement the directives of the OSHA Compliance Director.

Provide current, accurate and timely safety and health advice to operational management which is consistent with Federal and State occupational safety and health.

Management strategies taking into account legal and veterinary industry concerns.

Coordinate the workplace assessments and job hazard analysis.

Develop effective implementation strategies to ensure ongoing compliance.

Analyze performance to identify and monitor accident trends, especially targeting high risk / high cost areas and recommend appropriate risk management strategies.

Manage the delivery of specific safety and health related training programs.



Knowledge and experience in clinical & operational procedures in veterinary medicine –minimum 2 years


You will need:

Excellent communication and organizational skills

Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, managing workload and prioritizing tasks

Ability to think creatively to achieve outcomes

An enthusiastic, can-do attitude

Strong MS Office skills


If interested send resume to:   joe.listo@compassionfirstpets.com