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Welcoming Three Texas Specialty Hospitals To The Family

Aug 03, 2016

Compassion-First Pet Hospitals announced today the addition of three new hospitals into the Compassion-First Pet Hospitals family: Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists of Houston, Texas; Mission Veterinary Specialists of San Antonio, Texas; and The Austin Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center of Austin, Texas.

“We’ve been approached by several potential partners over the years, and we’ve never found one that was a great fit for us,” says Dr. Wayne Whitney, a Surgeon and owner in GCVS since 1989. “Compassion-First helped the GCVS practices merge together after 28 years of operating as separate businesses, which was an important goal of ours, but challenging for us to do alone. They emphasized cutting-edge medicine as the focal point for continued growth, empowered local leadership for ongoing decision making at the hospital level, and allowed the partners to retain significant ownership in the merged organization. The future is bright for Compassion First, GCVS, MVS and AVES, and we are excited to learn from and help our new partners.”

According to founder John Payne, “Compassion-First Pet Hospitals is not your typical veterinary service organization. We are working very hard to steward a new way of practicing veterinary medicine. We see a future where collaboration with other hospitals occurs daily to advance medical care, where there is a shared belief in placing the pet owner and the pet at the center of care and where medical decisions occur only at the hospital level.”

Mr. Payne and his Chief Operating Officer, Dr. John Corsale, are demonstrating that their philosophies are resonating with veterinarians. In just the past seven months, the organization has doubled its reach, expanding across the United States.

The newest hospitals to join Compassion-First include:

Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists (GCVS), founded in 1988 in Houston, Texas, as one of the first, referral-only hospitals in the country. GCVS now comprises over 60,000 sq. ft. of veterinary emergency and specialty hospital space, between its two locations with 225 employees, including 50 veterinarians. GCVS is well-known for pioneering canine arthroscopy and other minimally invasive techniques. The specialists at GCVS have over 430 years of combined experience and lists international thought-leaders in several of its 14 specialties.

Mission Veterinary Specialists (MVS) was founded in 2012 in San Antonio, Texas, with the mantra “Care You Can Count On.” The practice just added oncology as its fifth specialty and has had incredible growth in its short history. MVS is known for providing exceptional patient care and client service, as well as communicating thoroughly with referring veterinarians as “high touch specialists.” MVS shares space with a service partner,

Mission Pet Emergency, who also provides overnight and weekend care for the specialty patients.

The Austin Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center (AVES) was founded in 2014 in Austin, Texas, and quickly positioned itself as a high quality, fully-integrated specialty and emergency hospital. Its 11,000 sq. ft. facility won a Merit Distinction award in the 2016 Hospital Design Competition run by Veterinary Economics magazine. AVES quickly ramped up to a 12-doctor practice in less than two years and has just begun another expansion project to add another 2,000 sq. ft. to the facility footprint.

“We are thrilled to add partners Dr. Wayne Whitney, Dr. Brian Beale, Dr. Heidi Hottinger, Dr. Randy Longshore, Ryan Buck, Dr. Karin Beale, Dr. Chris Jones, Dr. Michelle Fabiani, Dr. Tige Witsberger, Dr. Jocelyn Cooper, Dr. Lindsay Vaughn, and Dr. Don Hulse, and their teams of 70 veterinarians and 247 members of support staff, to help us further our vision to deliver the highest quality of veterinary medicine, in the way that honors the best interests of the clients and patients,” says Dr. Corsale. “All of these wonderful Texas hospitals are well aligned with our vision to provide the highest level of veterinary care.”

To foster and grow the Compassion-First philosophies, all owners remain active in their hospitals and continue in their leadership roles. In addition, owners play a critical role in educating the family of hospitals on their best practices and in broadening the ability to collaborate across hospitals.


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