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IGNITE Conference Brings Veterinary Nursing Professionals Together To Enhance Collaboration

Oct 18, 2019

Before Tuesday, September 24, most of our Compassion-First veterinary nursing technicians (VNT) didn’t know other each and weren’t certain how to connect with the other VNTs outside of their own hospitals. ‘IGNITE!’ changed this forever.

Created and launched by our own Veterinary Nursing Development team, ‘IGNITE!’, which stands for inspire, grow, nurture, invest, train and empower, brought together over 30 veterinary nursing leaders from across the organization. This first-ever, three-day mini-conference connected our VNTs and provided just what they needed. Each day’s agenda was packed with networking, developing new skills, brainstorming, sharing best practices, learning about growth opportunities and having fun.

Here’s what a few Compassion-First VNTs had to say about ‘IGNITE!’:

“I wanted to reach out and thank you for all of your work on Ignite and the VND in general. The nurses that we sent, Destiny and Sheri, returned excited and energized. It provided them with the chance to meet and experience C-F and build relationships with people that are in the same "trenches." Prior to May, the majority of the hospital, myself included, was not aware of what the VND [Veterinary Nursing Development] was and all the opportunities that you provide. I know how much work and love you and your team put into Ignite, so please know that it was appreciated and valuable. Thank you and your crew for all you do!”- Jamie Eamon, CVT Hospital Director at Alpenglow Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center

“I wanted to say a giant THANK YOU the entire VND team and to Compassion-First for an amazing meeting! IGNITE was an awesome experience. I am excited to work with a company so dedicated to veterinary nursing advancement in general, and more specifically to the advancement of their own staff. What a breath of fresh air! Each day brought more and more collaboration and information exchange. I cannot tell you how many times I found myself with chills as my colleagues shared. It was so amazing to find teammates in this endeavor to advance Veterinary Nursing. Thank you again for creating this meeting and for allowing me to be a part of it.”- Erin E. Hannah, LVT, Education Coordinator & Surgical Team Lead

With Collaboration, Integrity and Empowerment as our core values and the foundation of all that we do, and after three days of non-stop inspiration, our nursing team was ignited to not only advance nursing care in their own Compassion-First hospitals, but to improve the entire nursing profession.

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