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Dedicated Compassion-First Team Members Drive Continued Excellent Care Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

May 01, 2020

Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists (Houston, TX): Keeping pets, owners, and team members safe and healthy

Whether your pet has a scheduled specialty appointment or an emergency, or you need to pick up medication, please know that you can still visit your local Compassion-First hospital. Your appointment may look a little different, however, as our hospitals have transitioned to “curbside appointments,” to maintain social distancing while providing important services. This means that while we still treat patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you cannot accompany your pet into our hospitals. In this video, Heidi Hottinger, DVM, DACVS, explains how their hospital has updated their appointment protocols, according to CDC guidelines, to keep their patients, clients, and team members safe.



Upstate Vet (Asheville, NC): Recognizing team dedication

Pets still get sick and require emergency services, and despite stay-at-home orders and uncertainty, Upstate Vet’s dedicated team members have gone above and beyond to ensure your pet receives the best care. From client service representatives answering phone calls, to veterinarians seeing appointments and performing surgery, every Upstate Vet team member is working tirelessly to transition to their “new normal” as seamlessly as possible. Although instituting new protocols and working out the kinks involves extra effort, the Upstate Vet team is happy to do so, to ensure continued excellent veterinary care. Since you can’t be there to experience their dedication, check out this video for a glimpse behind the scenes, and see their amazing team for yourself.


Red Bank Veterinary Hospitals (Tinton Falls, NJ): Remembering their inspiration

Each Red Bank Veterinary Hospital team member joined the veterinary field for one reason—their love of animals. Furry, scaly, or feathered, they love every animal who comes through their doors like their own. RBVH, like most of our hospitals, has been extremely busy during the COVID-19 pandemic, and team members are working overtime to ensure each pet receives the best care possible. At RBVH’s Tinton Falls location, team members started posting pictures of their own pets in the central treatment area, to remind them why they work tirelessly every day. The photo area was soon full—check out this video showcasing their inspiration wall. From the Albin cats, Sage and Shea, to the Stephen family dogs—Dozer, Tilly, and Peanut—piled on a couch, how can you not smile when you see these deserving faces?


Care Center (Cincinnati, OH): Explaining curbside appointments

Like all Compassion-First hospitals, Care Center places their patient, client, and team member health and

safety above all else. Curbside appointments are new to us all, and you may be wondering what you can expect when you bring your pet for a scheduled appointment or emergency visit. In this video, Care Center Hospital Director, Jess Brotherton, walks you through your pet’s curbside appointment. Online registration forms, phone conversations, text updates, and emailed discharge instructions help keep everyone safe, so we can continue caring for your pet as we would our own.

It inspires us to see local businesses lifting each other up, and supporting one another. To show some love to our veterinary professionals, Wawa in Hazlet surprised RBVH team members by delivering a full box of sandwiches. Check out this picture to see how happy that made the team—you can see their smiles through their masks. These selfless actions are helping them get by, until they can reunite with their team members.

We are proud of each of our selfless team members, who work tirelessly every day—and now in the midst of a pandemic—to keep our Compassion-First hospitals at the forefront of veterinary medicine. Their commitment to their communities and your pets is unmatched and sets Compassion-First apart. Join us in recognizing our dedicated team members, today and every day, because we could not care for your pets without them.




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