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We prioritize an active communication triangle between pet owner, trusted veterinarian and our specialists. Communication and partnership with referring veterinarians are key to ensuring each pet gets the very best care, at every step along the way. Fostering relationships with referring veterinarians and colleagues across multiple specialties is what we do.

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We empower our doctors to put pets before policies, always making medical decisions that will provide an optimal outcome. Our commitment to offering education, tools and centralized services encourages professional advancement at all levels. Compassion-First doctors have the authority to ensure their teams can access the right resources to continually grow in their respective fields. Empowerment at the local level is healthy for hospitals and pets alike.


When making medical decisions, we consider each patient’s best interests, treating pets and their owners with kindness and sensitivity. We promote a culture of respect, compassion and professional excellence, leading by example in every situation, every day.

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