“Dr. Vaughn removed two small tennis balls swallowed by my dog. Instead of knee-jerk surgery, Dr. Vaughn spent the afternoon inducing vomiting to remove one ball, then she spent 30 minutes fishing the 2nd ball out through the esophagus. Not only did she save my dog from the pain of surgery, but she saved me a significant amount of money. Her caring and special efforts were very impressive!”

– Marc

“Our Catahoula dog has received excellent care. She runs into the building! Everyone is so kind and cares for her recovery and future conditions.It is a three hour trip but worth every mile.”

– Judie from Nash, TX

“Going to the vet can beoverwhelming and expensive. Dr. Draham did a wonderful job explaining everything to me, and why each test was necessary and what the cost was. I never felt rushed in our appointments and I was updated promptly every step of the way. The staff were all very nice and I can tell they care about each animal that comes through the door.”

– Mallory and Tasha from Charleston, SC

“Your personal care is to be considered above and beyond. Since Sandy’s diagnosis you have been available for weekly telephone contact as well as sporadic calls of concern when we have questions. It is so easy to see the deep love for animals that every individual at your facility possesses.”

– Kelli L. from New Jersey

“From the front desk to the back – this place is caring, knowledgeable and clean! I was impressed with their organization and professionalism. Thank you for all you do!”

– Cathy C. from New York

“Mission Vet made a very scary and emotional time less scary and the care Jackson received has been excellent. Not only was Jackson taken care of in the best possible way, but I was given true care for my concerns and emotions.”

– Jackson’s mom Charlotte from Austin, TX

“My precious cat was attacked by a dog, I was an emotional wreck and they not only took great care of my baby but they made sure I was ok too. Highly recommended.”

– Chrissy B. from Boulder, CO

“Wonderful, wonderful emergency room. We were seen quickly, and our dog (who had swallowed a peach pit) was helped immediately. Everyone was compassionate and concerned and very professional. We left with a copy of the records and a copy was sent to our vet. In an emergency, we would never go anywhere else.”

– GCVS Pet Owner from Houston, TX

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