Compassion-First Kudos Nomination

Feeling inspired? Share your story!

Has someone on your team or in your hospital brought our core values to life? We’d all love to “meet” them! Your co-worker may be chosen as a Compassion-First Kudos employee and featured on our website and social channels. Sharing your positive observations could inspire people across the entire Compassion-First family.

There are so many ways for our team members to lead by example. Our core values show up in big ways and small, through things we do—or even choose not to do.

Do you know someone who created opportunity for others? Shared a humbling experience so everyone could learn? Put a teammate, or the community, before their own needs? Empowered someone to discover their leadership potential? We’d love to hear your story!

Celebrating outstanding work, and work ethics, reminds us all that we are fortunate to work alongside other passionate and talented professionals. After all, a drive for excellence in medicine is something we all have in common.

So shine the light on a valued colleague. Your nomination is a generous way to live our core values yourself. And that collaborative spirit is a common thread uniting our hospitals across the country.

Here’s your chance to get someone recognized!

Click here to see Kudos nomination examples.
  • Nominator Info - Your Information

  • Nominee - Who are your nominating?

  • Which 1 core value do they represent most?

  • Example questions you could include in your nomination: What action did this person do to live out our core values? How did this make you feel? Why was this special? Why do you think this person deserves a Kudos award?

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