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Carlee Holick

Senior Financial Analyst
Shared Services
Tinton Falls, NJ

Carlee is the financial analyst for the largest group in the network, and I am nominating her for collaboration. Every time I speak with her, I'm blown away by the amount of knowledge, she has for every one of our sites. Her intuitive understanding of each site is absurd! When I read her comments on my monthly analysis, I always think- how does she know that! It can be a challenge to keep my site straight on occasion, and Carlee manages to do it for 11 practices.  I think each HD in our group communicates with her in some way on just about a daily basis. Every time I call her, she always answers the phone and helps me – even when I know she has a mountain of work to do. She stops what she's doing and helps – always! 


She can take very high-level financial information and break it down into practical knowledge we all understand and can use. Even if it requires a lot of explaining, reexplaining, or even a diagram, she's always happy to do so. She knows each of our sites so intimately it's like she works on-site with each of us every day. She has become such an essential part of our group, and we all count on her so much. Any big win our group celebrates, Carlee is 100% a part of that win. 


She has become such an essential part of our group, whether talking about our daily forecasts, monthly goals, or yearly budgets. She brings all of our individual information together and compiles it to make us a strong united group.

Nominated by Libby Landry

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