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We set our hearts on creating well-being for all pets and people—including ourselves.

Karina Castillo

In-patient ICU Technician
Mission Vet
San Antonio, TX

Karina has displayed a remarkable amount of consistency with kindness towards her teammates, clients, and patients throughout this last year despite COVID's best efforts to thwart that goal. She often takes her own time to groom and place bows in the patient's hair, cuddles with them and provides outstanding care. Our team has experienced Karina's kindness through her careful attentiveness to those around her, even staff in other departments. She keeps the positivity going with her music and ability to reach out to counsel her team. She is a fantastic example of kindness through her genuine concern for others. An outstanding candidate to demonstrate the core values we cherish, choose to live out and follow.

Nominated by Sunny Maleki

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