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Nancy Petru, LVT

ICU Technician 
Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists (GCVS)
Houston, TX

I first met Nancy during her externship in the last semester of vet tech school. I had the pleasure of being her mentor during that time. Nancy wrote down every word that I spoke, was not afraid to ask questions and was already able to make connections between patient trends and their conditions. I was ecstatic when I learned she had accepted a position with the ICU. Nancy just celebrated her first anniversary with GCVS, where I've had the honor of watching her grow into a fully-fledged and confident, Critical Care Technician. She never refuses to help patients or fellow technicians in the name of success. Nancy is one of the most committed technicians I have ever met.


Recently, after a challenging day in ICU, Nancy made a Facebook post that genuinely represents not only who she is as a technician, but who all are in the GCVS ICU: 


"Being a critical care technician for animals can be overwhelming and thankless. However, even on the days when I'm exhausted and frustrated to the point of tears, it's worth it. Providing compassionate nursing care gives me deep satisfaction and the opportunity to grow my empathy and become a better human. I love your pets so much. I love them when they're cute and naughty, when they're aggressive and painful, and when they're gross and miserable. Every shift, I try my best to pay forward the selfless love my pets have given me. 


Vet techs genuinely love your animals. We take our role as their advocate very seriously. In the absolute dumpster fire that has been 2020, I am grateful to be working with compassionate folks who love animals as much as I do."


Nancy is such a strong person. She reminds us why we are in this profession. When we have a rough shift, she empowers us to keep going through the tears, the blood, the feces, the urine - all of it, for the patients. Her commitment and COMPASSION are inspiring, and I am happy to have them on the #GCVSStrong ICU Team! 

Nominated by Auston Mcintosh

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