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Shannon Bradley, CVT

Nursing Supervisor
Animal Emergency & Referral Associates (AERA)
Fairfield, NJ

I'm nominating Shannon Bradley for her dedication and love for the profession, the care of our beloved patients, and her coworkers. The overnights can be stressful, and we are sometimes short-staffed. Shannon goes above and beyond time and again to ensure that we don't drown taking care of patients and getting everything going. She would resume for her shift at 2 p.m., hoping to leave at midnight, but often staying until about 5 a.m. Shannon is selfless and committed to everyone on the overnight shift. She is always willing to share her knowledge, cheering you on to be a better you. Shannon Bradley deserves a BIG kudos. Though not everyone sees it, we see you, Shannon, and we appreciate you a lot!

Nominated by Emmanuel Rotimi

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