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Our Medical Directors Advancement Council

Our hospitals attract top minds who keep pace with the latest advancements—and often drive medicine forward. Our Medical Directors Advancement Council leads this inspiring environment of constant professional development. Doctors from across our family collaborate with Compassion-First thought leaders to achieve medical excellence through open communication, research and education. Experts in our organization elevate and challenge each other, while practice owners maintain autonomy.

With thoughtful consideration for each location’s unique opportunities and challenges, our advisors set aside funds for new equipment, advanced treatment options and facility improvements. The result is cutting-edge resources in the hands of world-class teams who constantly strive for the highest level of patient care possible.


Special Training Opportunities

Veterinary Nursing Development Program
Doctors depend on the assistance of an expert nursing staff. We offer career development programs to support the growth of credentialed veterinary technicians and educated veterinary assistants.

Videoconferencing and idea sharing tools
When you belong to a family of the best doctors in the industry, why not consult with them? We make collaboration intuitive through Microsoft Teams, keeping our focus on the teamwork—not the technology.

Internship and residency programs
One way to ensure our hospitals are home to the brightest minds in medicine is to help develop that top talent. We create opportunity—and loyalty—through general internships, residency programs and specialty intern programs. In fact, the Compassion-First family places such value on education that 13 of our locations are teaching hospitals.


Clinical trials

Our hospitals are often the “partner of choice” for clinical trials exploring the safety and efficacy of the latest medical breakthroughs. We’re proud to play a role in advancing the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of many diseases. What makes us an attractive research partner? We offer:

  • Large patient populations for sufficient statistical power
  • Excellence and depth of specialties
  • Our hospitals’ trusted reputations

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