The Compassion-First Difference

At Compassion-First, we value individuality and innovation at the practice level, while recognizing the power and promise of collaboration. We partner only with those who share our passion for providing the highest quality care, and supply the tools, training and leadership to make that care accessible to communities throughout the region.

     Leveraging our strength by sharing resources and best practices. Fostering relationships with referring veterinarians and colleagues across multiple specialties.


     Providing access to education, tools and centralized services, in order to encourage professional advancement and support the best possible medical outcomes.


    Keeping the best interest of patients and pet owners at the forefront of all decisions. Promoting a culture of respect, compassion and professional excellence in all we do.



Red Bank Veterinary Hospital

From the specialists to the clinicians and support staff, everyone at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital is working together toward the same goal each day: to provide outstanding patient care. With this collaborative approach to veterinary medicine, the specialists are able to incorporate their various viewpoints while determining treatment plans, which ultimately allows patients to receive the best care possible and medical outcomes. The leadership team at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital fosters support and growth, enabling staff to thrive not only as professionals, but also as people who love animals.

Dr. Michael Palescandolo

Founder of Animal Emergency & Referral Associates

With more than 35 years’ experience in practicing veterinary medicine — primarily emergency medicine and surgery — Dr. Michael Palescandolo (founder of Animal Emergency & Referral Associates) saw joining Compassion-First Pet Hospitals as an opportunity to better serve his clients and patients. For Dr. Palescandolo, joining the Compassion-First family of hospitals meant maintaining goals and values congruent to his own, as well as having the ability to continue working autonomously. After joining Compassion-First, he explains, his practice operated just as it had before, except backed by better assets, additional support and more access to cutting-edge medical technology.

Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists

Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists

With hundreds of patients examined in their clinic each day, as well as more than a dozen surgeries performed, the doctors at Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists are passionate about innovation and providing the highest level of care. Their partnership with Compassion-First Pet Hospitals has enabled the staff to have all the state-of-the-art tools and equipment necessary to practice the very best level of medicine possible. By joining Compassion-First, GCVS has been able to collaborate and share ideas with other network hospitals across the country.

Key Offerings