Client Satisfaction

The Personal Touch

We understand and respect the personal relationships pet owners form with their animals’ caregivers. That’s why each of our hospitals retains its name, unique brand and the authority to make medical decisions at the practice-level. Your clients will benefit from the enhancements Compassion-First offers, while enjoying the familiar comforts of their trusted veterinary practice. 

Setting Higher Standards

Compassion-First Pet Hospitals are united by our passion for providing an exceptional client experience and offering pets the safest, most effective treatment options available today. We foster a culture of respect, compassion and integrity. Our network of highly skilled, experienced veterinarians ensures that your staff always has access to top-level specialists for consultation and collaboration.

Community Education

We believe knowledge empowers clients to make the best care decisions for their pets, so we offer marketing support to help you develop educational materials such as brochures, blog posts and flyers. We also encourage our hospitals to engage pet owners by hosting educational lectures, demonstrations and other community events.