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Your people become our people


When considering a new partnership, fear of layoffs can eclipse the promise of opportunity. We understand that after building your business side by side—and running it together every day—your staff feel like family.

Joining Compassion-First means being part of an even bigger family. We see people the same way you do. Every single person matters, just like the pets we all care for. You can maintain a leadership role in your practice, and guide us on how to reach the potential of the team you’ve carefully assembled.

See what happens when our dedication to people is put to the test: Hurricane Harvey strikes GCVS

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We prioritize education, giving the pets and families we serve every advantage when they turn to us with their medical needs. From external training programs in arthroscopic surgery and interventional radiology, to advancing our expertise in open heart surgery through our partnership with the Royal Veterinary College in London, our doctors and staff never stop learning.

Our medical leadership and training programs include:

  • Medical Directors Advancement Council (MDAC)
  • Specialty Advisory Board (SAB)
  • Veterinary Nursing Development Programs (VND)
  • Clinical Trials
  • Special Training Opportunities

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The confidence of high

satisfaction scores

Without a scorecard, can we truly know if we’re living up to the highest standards possible? Yes, we’re a group of unapologetic overachievers. We conducted a survey across our hospitals to measure satisfaction.

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A great culture

We’re what you could call a “highly functional family.” We seek out new partners who share our dedication to constantly improving patient outcomes by providing the best in compassionate care.

If your practice is healthy and has grown over a sustained period of time, we can help you develop even further. Partnering with Compassion-First can bring to life your dreams of becoming a full-service specialty hospital or offering 24/7 emergency care.

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Grow with new capital

A larger hospital outfitted with the latest equipment can open the door to critical new specialties and services. Yet high costs can stand in the way of big dreams. Partnering with Compassion-First unlocks the capital to continue offering your team, your patients and their families the very best in veterinary medicine. Each of our hospitals is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and tools, including MRI machines, CT machines, C-Arms, linear accelerators and more.

Many Compassion-First hospitals build new facilities or expansions, creating greater options for emergency and specialty care for the pets these doctors have served for years. Take a look at these three exciting examples of growth empowered by our partnerships.

support services

We suspect that it was your passion for pets, not paperwork, that led your career choice. Your partnership with Compassion-First opens the door to a team of experts, providing support that gives you time back to focus on what you love.

Delegate the details of running your practice to our centralized back-office support team.



  • Hospital management
  • Purchasing and vendor relationships
  • OSHA compliance
  • Facility maintenance
  • New hospital builds
  • Talent Acquisition / Management

Marketing & Referral Relations

  • Centralized management of all marketing needs, collateral and brand identity for individual hospitals
  • Manage referral DVM relationships and referral relation liaisons

Education & Training

  • Develop continuing education programs and events
  • 13+ teaching hospitals
  • Manage robust internship, specialty internship and residency programs
  • Veterinary Nursing Development Programs
  • Clinical Trials

Finance & Legal

  • Financial reporting
  • Treasury management
  • Budgeting & planning
  • Insurance
  • Payroll
  • Contract negotiations
  • Lender relations

Information Technology

  • Support hardware and software throughout enterprise
  • Strategic initiatives and installations (server colocation, phone system/call center
  • System/application access control management

Recruiting & HR

  • Employee benefits
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Recruiting
  • Compliance

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